The Vampire King (David Starry) and Queen (Nicole Olson) — (courtesy Scorpius Dance Theatre)

Choreographer Lisa Starry prides herself on the suggestive, sexy appeal of A Vampire Tale, Scorpius Dance Theatre’s trademark autumn production. Each season, Starry changes costumes and choreography. In 2012 she successfully took Vampire Tale to England’s Bram Stoker International Film Festival.

This year’s updated version (on stage through October 19) also features more goth rock music by local composer Kristofer Hill, 28 dancers, and a new aerial pole routine, but the most significant milestone is the impending retirement of Lisa’s husband, the originator of the lead male role.

The Vampire King (Starry) and The Innocent (courtesy Scorpius Dance Theatre)

For ten years David Starry has performed as Victor, the Vampire King, partnering Nicole Olson in the role of the Queen. His character also seduces a young female dancer known as Eve, or The Innocent.

These performances find Starry dividing the role with Billie-Joe “J.” Bouey. “A dancer’s body has an expiration date,” explains Starry, “and this is a good time to pass the torch on to another Scorpius dancer.”

For light — albeit twisted — comic relief, guest artist Damon Dering of Nearly Naked Theatre shares the role of the Strange Man with actor Eric Boudreau of Childsplay.




Danse Macabre (courtesy The Movement Source)

Meanwhile, The Movement Source Dance Company offers an alternative Halloween-themed show at monOrchid Gallery on October 26 & 27. Led by director and founding member Mary Anne Fernandez-Herding, who chairs the dance department at Xavier College Preparatory, Movement Source performs Danse Macabre, described as “unsettling music, movement, and illusion.”


Illusionist Johnny Hotshot (courtesy

Musician Tobie Milford joins the production along with Johnny Hotshot, who’s billed as an actor, stuntman, escape artist, expert weapons handler, and illusionist.




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