Here at DPJ, we’re all about sharing what we love. Beyond the stories that make us love downtown, we often come across things that catch our eye, tingle our senses or have us dancing in delight. “We Like…” turns a brief spotlight on the little treasures that make our day, with helpful links so you can share in the fun.

Who doesn’t love a good and easy breakfast?  I like Urban Beans iced coffee along with one of their triple berry muffins – yep, served warm. The berries are fresh and the muffin is also topped with a sprinkle of raw sugar.

This combined with their house blend coffee is a great kick-start to the day.  (Their quiche selection is also an excellent choice, but we’ll talk about that another time.)

Their delicious menu and artsy vibe makes this a step above your average chain café.  I admire the homemade, health conscious style they bring to the downtown (er, midtown) Phoenix neighborhood.

So, instead of heading directly to your car with your coffee and muffin, take a minute to admire the work of the featured artist…and smell the coffee.


Urban Beans, 3508 N. 7th St., 602-595-3244

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