Interested in the creative mind meet-up suggested in When Brains Collide? The first meeting is scheduled for Saturday, June 22, and the discussion will start off with the most basic of creative problems: “In a Rut.”

Artists, writers, musicians, performers…come prepared to discuss the project you’re working on and how it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Or, maybe you’ve felt uninspired to get started on anything?

Every creative person has been there at one point or another and sometimes all you need is a little nudge forward. Be prepared to also provide suggestions, encouragement and an open mind to the different ways that people work.

We will try to keep the meeting to one hour. So bring your coffee snobbery and your rutted self for us to commiserate, encourage and move each other forward.

If you go

What: When Brains Collide Meet-up

Date: Saturday, June 29

Time: 12 noon

Where: Cartel Coffee, 1 N. 1st St. (corner of Washington and 1st St.)

Subject for the next meeting: “Things Don’t Work”, technological, media and computer problems in a work in progress.