When Brains Collide: “In a Rut” Recap

Our last When Brains Collide meeting subject “In a Rut” brought together several artists and non-artists to discuss the frustration of not knowing what to do next. We huddled in the cool and dark Cartel Coffee on the hottest day in years (119º, to be exact) and managed to come out of the meeting with some new ideas to move forward.

One of the biggest suggestions? Do anything. Just start something, even if it doesn’t seem like a thing you can see through to the end. Do something completely different, start some drawings, try a performance, doodle—just be in a space where you can devote time and energy to creating something, even if it ends up not being that productive. Something eventually will happen, right?

The next biggest suggestion was to get out and see what others are doing. Travel. Inspire yourself, or, if you don’t see anything you like, push yourself to do a better job than what you see. Several of us have checked in after the meeting to see where we’re at with our work and we’ve all managed to begin to crawl out of that rut.

Next When Brains Collide: “Things Don’t Work”

Working with technology in your latest project and running into problems? Trying a new computer program and not yet getting the hang of it? Making a foray into video and not sure where to start or what to start with? Worked with multi-media for years and would love to lend a helping hand? Maybe we can help each other.

This next meeting welcomes anyone who has extensive knowledge of using technology in their work or those newbies who have started tinkering but have run into a wall. There’s only so much you can find through searches on the internet and discussion forums often end up being nerds slinging insults and impatient questions at each other. If you’d rather discuss your issues in an environment where it’s ok to not know, please come to the next When Brains Collide on Saturday, July 27, at 12 p.m. at Cartel Coffee on 1st Street and Washington.

All are invited: designers, artists, performers, writers. The more diverse the crowd, the more diverse suggestions we can make.

If you go:

Event: When Brains Collide

Date: Saturday, July 27, 2013

Time: 12 p.m.

LocationCartel Coffee, 1 N. 1st St. (corner of Washington and 1st St.)

Contact: Facebook