Name: Debbie Fishell

Age: 50

Occupation: Program director for Valley Permaculture Alliance

Her neighborhood: Downtown Phoenix

Where spotted: Chile Acres Farm booth at Phoenix Public Market

What she purchased:

• Tritonias from Maya’s Farm

• Essential oil candle from H2E Design (Sacral Chakra)

• Anise Chai soap from Emelmahae Soap Company

• Crimini mushrooms from Joey’s Farm

• Biscotti and goat cheese crackers from Chile Acres Farm

• Lettuce from Golo Family Organic Farms

• Burr Gherkin cucumbers from Two Wash Ranch

Why she chose these products: I picked these because they are all locally made, organic and fresh. The biscotti is gluten-free. I’m not allergic, but I try not to eat too much gluten. I love these people at Chile Acres because I have actually seen the ranch, and I know that they have goats right there on the farm that they milk everyday, so the products are fresh.

Her must-haves: I had to try the candle and the soap because I’m doing some redecorating in my house, so I wanted some new scents. I would much rather buy these products and support the local economy than something from other stores.

How she benefits: They’re all good for me and there’s no hidden chemicals or ingredients, so they have a better nutritional value because they’re all fresh. I’ve also talked with the makers and growers, and they’ve told me exactly where their products come from. At H2E, he showed me the essential oils he uses and the ingredients in his candle. If I bought a candle at another store, I would have no idea what’s in it.

How they fit her style: They’re all very fresh, organic and cheerful, which I think reflects me as a whole.