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The economic clinch is still lingering. Business owners in the orbit of retail have to shine brighter than ever by constantly reinventing themselves, and yet, at the same time, stay true to the roots of their brand to maintain a comprehensible consumer image. In addition, those dealing in fashion have to answer to the never-satisfied beast of ‘trend’ — in today, out tomorrow. Two Phoenix stores that are privately owned and flourishing are Bunky Boutique and Vintage By Misty.

Bunky Boutique is a hip and happening store owned by Rachel Malloy. Bunky, which has been open for four years, carries contemporary brands that are unique and approachable in design and price. The explosion of glamour on Central Avenue, otherwise known as Vintage By Misty, is a mishmash of Missoni and other vintage gems that is owned by Misty Guerriero. The store targets those looking to purchase a serious vintage treasure — not those looking to buy on the cheap. It’s worth every penny. I sat down with Misty and Rachel, two owners of very different stores that have found their ‘niche’ and are thriving because of it.

What fall/spring fashion trends do you anticipate will be popular among your Valley customers?


Rachel Malloy, photo by Jim Malloy

Rachel Malloy:

Valley customers are in luck, because this fall fashion trends have a definite Southwest influence. Even with our mild winters, we can sport faux fur vests or scarves, and the beautiful and rich fall colors work perfectly with our desert backdrop.

Holidays will bring romantic looks – sleek lines with elegant and girly details. Lots of lace and sheer fabrics!

Bunky Boutique | 1437 N. 1st St., Phoenix AZ, 85004 | 602-252-1323 | bunkyboutique.com



Misty Guerriero

Misty Guerriero:

The trends I see this fall are sparkles, and when I say sparkles, I mean anything from a chic pair of earrings/rings with sparkle to lightweight jackets, skirts, shoes and handbags.

I also believe anything sheer will be a huge look. It’s sexy … especially in the desert.

Tees are another big one, but not just your plain old tee – ones that have character, with embellishments, prints and texture.

Vintage By Misty | 818 N Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85004 | 480-522-6875 | Facebook



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