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352 E. Alvarado Rd., East Alvarado Historic District

Like the Raymond N. Cowley House, its next-door neighbor, the Roger Hofford House, was also built in 1941 by architect/builder Paul M. Burroway. Its Monterey style blends nicely with the house next door, creating an Alvarado duo with near-exact materials and architectural form.

The Hofford House utilizes a stone foundation and brick exterior as well, but some stylistic flourishes differ, notably Burroway’s use of carved rafter ends and a decorative tile entry. The gabled, high-pitched roof is adorned with asphalt shingles, but the inside reveals exposed rafters and less of a focus on the French Provincial style.

The off-center wood-paneled entry is typical of this early-’40s style, but Burroway added two notable traits: integration of a garage and a centralized chimney, still a rarity in these parts. The original front-entry overhang no longer remains, presumably to brighten the doorway.

Simple with some remarkable little flourishes, the Hofford House sits as an unassuming look into ’30s and ’40s Phoenix, much like its counterpart next door.

Sources: Willo-Alvarado Multiple Property Area Historic Resources Survey, 1989; East Alvarado City Survey.

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