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Stacy C.
Phoenix, AZ
Four-star rating

Fantastic! I vote 4.5 stars. I can’t wait to become a regular, try everything, and update with a fifth star! In addition to great food, what makes Vitamin T stand out among the rest are the creative twists to simple, good food.

Just walking up, I could feel the energy from the people hanging out on the patio and the (good) music filling the area. I almost walked right past the patio entrance in front of the main entrance, but luckily someone else was coming out so I noticed it.

The place was hopping, but it wasn’t too crowded, and you really have to expect that the first few days of a new place Downtown. Personally, I think it just adds to the excitement.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to try first, so I went with three tacos ($7) and the Vitamin T Green Salad. The guy taking my order was super nice and seemed happy to be there (always a plus in my book). Add on a nice, refreshing lemonade for $1.50 and off to the salsa bar I go!

A good variety of salsa and even a few non-salsas. I loved the grilled onions, I could eat those as a side instead of a topping. And then there was some sort of pickled carrot, jalapeno and garlic concoction that I had to try.

Standing at one of the cool tequila barrels, waiting for my number to be called, I was really jealous of the dudes on the patio drinking their beers with their delicious food. As much as I wanted to stay and also have a beer (or margarita), SOME of us had to go back to work (insert cartoon music… Whaw Whaw Whaaa).

Finally, back at my desk, ready to taste it all! Out of the three tacos, the barbacoa was by far my favorite. The chicken and veggie tacos were good, too, but that barbacoa had a flavor that still makes my mouth water.

As a salad lover, I have to say this was a great one. I didn’t get any meat on it, so it was perfect complement to my tacos. Probably more than I needed, but I had to try it. The jicama and arugula in the salad really make a regular salad into something great; and that creamy avocado lime dressing… YUM!

Turns out, my nutrition has been lacking all along; I’ve been missing my Vitamin T! Now that I know where to get my fix, I see many more trips in my future!

Vitamin T is located at 1 E. Washington St. (light rail at Central/Washington or 1st Ave./Jefferson) — 602.688.8168

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