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546 W. Adams St., Downtown

West Van Buren and the Lower Grand gateway area was once a hotbed of small hotels and motels, and a scattered few in various states of quality remain. Tucked just east of 7th Avenue on Adams Street, the New Windsor Hotel is a true Phoenix landmark — one of only three remaining pre-1900 hotels in the original townsite.

Built in 1893 by A.D. Walsh, it was known as the 6th Avenue Hotel until 1925, when it was renamed the Windsor Hotel. (As you can tell, the “New” prefix was added some years later, after an addition was completed.)

The three-story brick structure has a stucco façade on the south and west walls, allowing for interesting textures on its weathered walls. It has some notable design touches, particularly its modern pilasters and the niches in the parapets above its windows. The three-bay entry, a precursor to mixed-use ground-level spaces seen elsewhere in the city, was unique in its time, and the coved ceiling added some charm.

Additions were undertaken in 1935, chief among them the build-out of the middle section of the third floor. A front brick addition with casement windows mixed the Victorian architecture with a modern façade.

Yes, the New Windsor has been through its share of changes. Yet it stands today still architecturally significant, still vital and still cause for examination from passersby.

Source: Phoenix: Nineteenth Century Architecture. Survey by Woodward Architectural Group, June 1991 .

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  • I love that building, I only wish it and its surrounding area weren’t so dilapidated.

    At least 2 sex offenders currently call that place home and I seem to recall in the past it being more. Its a shame. It would make a terrific boutique hotel or small apartment/condo complex someday.

    • It’s true, it has fallen on some hard times over the past 20 years. I believe there are still numerous sex offenders there. Yet it still seems to be in remarkably good shape. I wish this little section of Downtown would start its resurgence. There is great architecture from Van Buren to Washington and 3rd to 7th Aves.

  • Jonathon Redmond

    how much does it cost to stay there

  • Tenisha Robles

    Terrible staff even worse owner horrid place no one should ever steep foot in.. needs to be condemned. Blocked and bulldozed

  • Clandestino ForLE

    This family owns motels/hotels purposely used by rapists/castrators/murderers from SVdP who are commies to help fascists and terrorists take over states by doing every sick, perverted, vile thing you can imagine to American customers!