So, my travels this week were induced by my grumbling stomach. I had heard tale that a fine little establishment existed just up the road from Central and Camelback, dishing out some famous bruschetta and pouring fine wine late into the evening. I may not be high class, but I do appreciate the finer things. Postino falls into this category.

I decided that with all the variations of bruschetta available, I must select the four most appealing and interesting. First on deck was an intriguing blend of brie, apples and fig spread. This worked its magic on me in magnificent ways, because it was probably my favorite of the selections. Sweet and layered perfectly with the cheese, delectable is the first word that comes to mind. Next up, the more standard realm of the mozzarella, tomato and basil. Aside from the basil leaf having an absurd tendency towards sticking to my face, this was exactly what I expected. Third was unlikely combo in the form of tomato jam and fresh sheep’s milk cheese. At first glance, tomato jam sounds like something that hippies make on accident; however, I was pleasantly surprised. Sweet and flavorful, with just the right hint of mild creamy cheese, this was truly a discovery. Despite my ill-advised first impression, this was a delight. And last, I finished my journey in the land of fine wine café cuisine with the bruschetta constructed of warm artichoke spread. This one was buttery and warm; purely made of something from the heavens. Overall, this paddle board served up four tasty varieties of deliciousness.

So, should you be meandering through the historic Medlock Place neighborhood on any fine eve, perhaps you should stop by Postino for a glass of wine and some of the best bruschetta around.