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Bri D.
Phoenix, AZ
Four-star rating

Bri D.First things first, don’t visit this place on a First Friday, that would be a mistake. Every other day you will be free to browse this cozy little store at your own pace and with your very own bubble of personal space.

MADE carries a rather interesting selection of items. They have a variety of screen printed T-Shirts in the back along with a fairly extensive magazine collection and a smattering of handmade pottery across from that. In the same vicinity you will find cleverly crafted jewelry to fit most budgets and styles. The store also carries items like handmade purses and scarves all made by local designers. There is also a rather interesting mish mash of funny and interesting books that make great gifts for the hard to buy for person.

I like having a great place like MADE in my neighborhood. Businesses that support local artists will most definitely get my business, especially when the carry such fun and interesting products like this lovely boutique.

MADE is located at 922 N. 5th St. (602) 256.6233

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