CityScapeAlex3Downtown Phoenix’s newest addition, CityScape, celebrated the “Topping Out” of their 27-story Phase I office tower yesterday.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer joined management leaders from RED Development and Hunt Construction Group at the ceremony to announce nine new tenants signing on for CityScape’s Phase I office tower. The tower is slated to open in Spring 2010.

The nine new tenants include six restaurants: The Breakfast Club, Blu Burger Grille, Press Coffee, Mojo Yogurt and two new Aaron May restaurants including an Asian Noodle House and a Mexican-style restaurant. Two clothing retailers, including a Scottsdale-based denim retailer, Designer District, and Republic of Couture, join the rapidly growing list. Gust Rosenfeld, one of the Valley’s oldest and most prestigious law firms, has also signed on.
These nine join 11 other tenants in the CityScape Phase I project. AJ’s Fine Foods, Urban Outfitters, Gold’s Gym, CVS Pharmacy, the Kimpton Palomar Hotel and others have already committed to the project.

Despite Bashas’ Supermarket Inc., owners of AJ’s Fine Foods and Food City, filing for Chapter 11 protection earlier this week, CityScape remains hopeful that they will still choose to be a part of the project.

“We know that all of their reasons for wanting to put an AJ’s in Phoenix are still the same. We continue to hope that it still makes sense for them,” said Jeff Moloznik, Development Manager for RED Development.

If AJ’s Fine Food’s does have to pull out the project, Moloznik assures that the space will remain grocery space.
The development group behind the 600,000-square-foot tower worked hard to achieve a balance between national retail chains and local, owner operated stores. The local stores are unique additions to the CityScape project because they will be the first or second of their kind in Phoenix.

Mayor Phil Gordon is pleased with the balance that CityScape’s retail is aiming to achieve.
“What are retail places trying to become? Faux-downtowns. Well, Phoenix has the only downtown [in Arizona] so we don’t need the faux,” Gordon said. “People will come because they enjoy it. It is vibrant and eclectic.”

Hunt Construction, the company behind the Phoenix Convention Center expansion, Cardinal’s Stadium and the Civic Space Park, became Arizona’s first and only building contractor to receive Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health’s Voluntary Protection Program STAR status for the CityScape construction. This means they now manage themselves in the areas of safety.

In conclusion to the topping-off ceremony, a boxed pine tree was lifted 368 feet to the top of the tower. As Scandinavian tradition goes, to appease the tree-dwelling spirits the final timber is lifted into place in celebration. Today, many construction companies place a pine branch at the top of the completed building.
Look for CityScape’s Phase I tenants taking residence between March-June 2010.

  • Is there still going to be an H&M?!

    • Britta

      There was never going to be an H&M in downtown Phoenix. There is one by Kierland Commons in N. Scottsdale and one opening in 2010 at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

      • John

        There is still plans for H&M. I am a local retailer who was offered a space in the building, and I turned it down…the current 30 page drawing plans we were given as to available spaces for my shop show H&M. Sorry that’s not for graphic purposes.

  • Mike

    27 floors is weak, why can’t we build taller? Having an airport close by is no excuse. Our skyline sucks as it is and there is no need to be building midget buildings all over the place.

    • I’m not sure on this one – but I think the issue is the mountains, not the airport. I remember hearing that there’s a City Code limiting the height of buildings in order to keep the integrity of the “natural skyline.”

      I’ll do some digging and get back to you, though. In the meantime, check out some of the really cool infill projects happening in and around Downtown Phoenix…

    • John

      LMAO! Having an aiport close is no excuse! Are you retarded. Yes, let’s all get in an airplane and hit a building at takeoff…DUMBASS!

      • John

        P.S., the skyline is 100% controlled heightwise by the FAA. It’s only 2 miles from the airport. Living downtown, it’s one of the first things you’re informed when purchasing as to why you can’t buy a 60th floor condo.

  • Rick

    The original plans called for more floors as the current Chase Tower has over 27. However the plans scaled back not because of any FAA issues or height restrictions but simply because given the slowing economy, it didn’t make sense to bring on another 30+ story tower in downtown phoenix.