azhb_default_articleOkay, so it was almost 100 degrees but, still in the double digits in Downtown Phoenix which is a bit odd for this time of year. So, by now some of you may have read that I am a bit of a baseball geek. I know that I am not the only one but I do spend a ton of time scoping out what is going on in and around Chase Field. This weekend was no exception.

Earlier this week my Dad and I received a phone call from our Diamondbacks ticket rep. She was asking what we were doing on Saturday. My Dad told her that we had no plans and proceeded to call me and let me know that we had just scored some pretty awesome seats. As long time baseball fans, my Father and I were excited to be able to share the experience.

From time to time, the Diamondbacks Season Ticket Sales Staff holds events for the fans to experience more of Chase Field. I was sure that the current performance of the team may have had something to do with it. Apparently it is something that the sales team does quite frequently. So, where were the seats? Not behind the plate but in the Owner’s Suite. I am not sure about my Dad but, I felt like a total kid again.

A special thank you goes out to the Arizona Diamondbacks and their sales staff.