Image: ArtLink PhoenixFor proof that art lovers are about more than schmoozing and sipping cheap wine from plastic glasses, one need look no further than Art Detour, the free, self-guided tour of downtown artist studios, galleries, and art-friendly businesses. Now in its 21st year, the Phoenix tradition, which typically draws upwards of 10,000 patrons, has bridged the wide gap between artists and suburb dwellers who think art should match their throw pillows. This year, both art fans and the artless will find the Detour even more accessible, thanks to light rail and a new, improved shuttle system.

Art Detour kicks off with an expanded First Friday on March 6 and continues through Sunday, with extended gallery hours and a Seventh Avenue Street Fair from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. In addition to the usual arty fetes (like the I.S. Survival party at the Icehouse, 429 W. Jackson St.) and boutique bashes (Made, at 922 N. 5th St., is a sort of unofficial Detour Central), street vendors will be stationed along Garfield, between Third and Seventh Streets, all weekend. As ever, much of the action takes place on Grand Avenue and along Roosevelt Row, but outlying galleries are also showing off their best this weekend.

Here’s a sampling of galleries (full map here) that will be open throughout the weekend:

Gallery Marsiglia (1018 Grand Ave): “Metals, Rock, Fashion” is a series of jewelry-centric events featuring a steel-bending demo by “master bladesmith” Ray Rybar, and a lecture from Mrs. Hancock, the Valley’s premier etiquette instructor, who’ll instruct us on the proper protocol for jewelry-wearing at weddings, the theater, and (one hopes) art exhibits.

Jordre Studio (1007 Grand Ave): A trio of diverse local artists — Jennie Ignaszewski, Tyson Crosbie, and Kyle Jordre — are on display in “3,” a show documenting the city’s urban beauty in varied styles.

Modified Arts (407 E Roosevelt St): A solo show by painter James Angel is the visual highlight of a weekend of music from the likes of singer/songwriter Elesisha Eagle, Sister Cities, and the Terrible People.

MonOrchid (214 E Roosevelt St): New paintings from Christina Ramirez and Randy Slack will be exhibited in “Multiple Personalities,” a Detour-exclusive show of new work.

The Paisley Violin (1028 Grand Ave): Folks interested in aural as well as visual art will want to keep the Violin on their Detour to-do list, as this cafe gallery will be featuring live music all weekend long. The Dorsets will perform on Friday night; Chicks with Sticks on Saturday from 2 until 4, and local jazz musicians throughout the day on Sunday. An exhibit by the Arizona Print Group will also be on display.

Perihelion Arts (610 E Roosevelt St #137): Photographer Davyid Lemmon’s newest works are featured in “Fact Illusion and Structure,” a collection of evocative, black-and-white fantasy portraits.

PRAVUS Gallery (501 E Roosevelt St): “The Panelists” is an ink-drenched celebration of the comic book that includes art by Russ Pope, Luster Kaboom, Devo frontman Mark Mothersbaugh, and the show’s curator, Krk Ryden.

Tilt Gallery (919 W Fillmore St): This is not your grandmother’s photo album: Mark Osterman’s new show, “Artifacts of a Curious Mind,” offers the artist’s warmly hand-tinted photographs, each an ambrotype printed from a collodion negative.

Source: Phoenix New Times