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First Place, the nation’s first housing project for adults with autism, and CO+HOOTS, a nationally recognized coworking community and leader in Phoenix’s entrepreneurial growth, are partnering to further support diversity in the business community with the launch of CO+HOOTS’ Inclusion Initiative.

Courtesy of CO+HOOTS

The Inclusion Initiative is a rapidly expanding program that invites diversity-promoting nonprofits to partner with CO+HOOTS to nurture diversity in thought and in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. These organizations range from cultural chambers of commerce, groups consisting of women business owners and more. CO+HOOTS is excited to play a role in bringing these communities together and encourage collaboration between their diverse talents.

“We strongly believe that innovation comes from the crossover of different people from different backgrounds and industries,” said Jenny Poon, CO+HOOTS founder. “We aim to see all people succeed in business, including individuals with autism.”

First Place-Phoenix. Courtesy of First Place AZ.

With First Place, CO+HOOTS is extending accessible memberships to adults with autism to increase opportunities to pursue entrepreneurial projects. Together, the two communities seek to make Phoenix the most autism-friendly city in the world. First Place chose CO+HOOTS as its home because of this shared mission of inclusivity and passion for the community.

“CO+HOOTS’ big differentiator is its people,” Poon said. “When you surround yourself with diverse people who share a vision for a better community, you find new angles and approaches to better the world. You create an impact that is beyond revenue and a change that lasts generations.”

This partnership is just the first step in an ongoing, ever-expanding Inclusion Initiative at CO+HOOTS, which has already begun to encourage more underrepresented populations to participate in the thriving innovation activity of the coworking community.

All photos courtesy of CO+HOOTS.