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Rapid growth in Phoenix-area technology companies is helping drive employer interest in the local pool of qualified coders. City of Phoenix and DevMountain are collaborating to offer another coding school option.

DevMountain class hackathon

An intensive coding school is now being offered in the Phoenix Business and Workforce Development Center. DevMountain will begin its first coding boot camp in Phoenix on July 17.

Demand for qualified coders is coming from more businesses than just traditional tech companies. Nearly every company finds itself needing a website, mobile application or platform that spans devices.

DevMountain, a subsidiary of Capella Education Company, is starting a physical campus in the Development Center, 301 N. First Ave., Suite 600 for its first cohort of students in July. The boot camp approach commits to train students within a 13-week window.

“This is a new option for students who want to learn to code,” said Cahlan Sharp, CEO of DevMountain. “Before our boot camp, learning coding required a full college program in computer science or a couple of semesters in a community college. At DevMountain a student will be in the market with a proven portfolio of code within 13 weeks.”

Skilled code writers are not entering the market as fast as demand is calling for the skill set, according to Fast Company magazine. And recently we’ve seen several Silicon Valley companies and numerous startups expand or relocate to Phoenix.

“Adding DevMountain’s intensive coding education to our market helps us develop talent, shrink our skills gap and strengthen our economy,” said Mayor Greg Stanton. “That’s why we’re working with DevMountain to provide space to launch their first campus in Phoenix.”

Not everyone needs a college degree to write code. It’s an advanced skill requiring guidance, practice and a good mentor.

300 North First Avenue, Phoenix

“We use working professionals as the faculty at DevMountain. Providing experienced coders as mentors and teachers help students learn faster,” said Sharp. “This is designed for students who may not have experience with math or computer science. We’ve had students who have changed careers from sales and fast food to become coders.”

DevMountain is offering free housing for students enrolling in the course. Sharp said that this lifts stress from students needing a short-term rental to attend the three-month course.

The school also helps students with resumes, interview practice and finding permanent jobs upon course completion.

“An employer needing coders is going to be looking at candidates who come with demonstrable skills,” said Sharp. “Going through the DevMountain experience with the kind of commitment it requires says a lot about our students’ work ethic.”

DevMountain expects that students can walk into job interviews with multiple pieces of code representing functional work. “This is a program founded by passionate individuals who want to see people succeed,” said Sharp.

DevMountain will be hosting two upcoming information sessions open to the public, for you to learn more:

• June 14 info session more information
• June 28 info session more information

Photos courtesy of City of Phoenix.