March madness is right! With so many events going on this weekend, it might be difficult to choose which ones to attend, but we’ve got you covered, for Friday at least. Here are some stellar art shows we think you’ll love. Need a ride, no problem – learn more on the Artlink Inc. website.

March Madness

Courtesy of Onna Voellmer

Songs Untitled

The Icehouse Gallery is proud to present the works of Onna Voellmer, Dan Pederson, Carol O’Hara Sherwood and Joe Holdren. This SoHo-esque setting is a perfect backdrop to the remarkable lineup of artists, featuring a cascade of beautiful works that not only reflect nature, but reflect the self as well. Come bask in the beauty from 6-10 p.m., located at 419 W. Jackson St.

courtesy of New City Studio

Courtesy of New City Studio

Heaven and Earth
Jon Wassom has always used paint as a medium to explore the world around him, making sense of reality through artistic process and color theory. Now, with the lessons he has adapted to, “new layers emerge, and others shed away” to reveal something completely new, something transcendent. Float through 9 the Gallery between 6-10 p.m. and see if your feet touch the ground. More info here.

Odd, Not Even
New City Studio is not a traditional gallery and oddly enough, that’s just what people are looking for. As Phoenix grows more and more, so will the diversity of its artists and their styles. In celebration of that very fact, New City is hosting an expansive group show featuring a host of artists including Sam W. J. Johnson and many more in an effort activate the community’s sense of wonder. Come celebrate between 7-10 p.m., located at 1300 W. Central Ave. More info here.

Styles Family Values
Discipline, tradition, standards… these are just a few of the values Such and Champ Styles hold true in their everyday lives that simply can’t help but shine through their distinctive, collaborative style like a beacon of hope for all who behold it. Swing through to see what a few rattle cans, some markers and whole lot of love and attention to detail are capable of, at the Grand ArtHaus from 6-10 p.m.

Courtesy of Ann and Gariel Barbier Mueller

Courtesy of Ann and Gariel Barbier Mueller

Arigato! It’s finally here, the opening weekend of the Samurai exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum. General admission will be free with a $5 ticket available for the special exhibit. This amazing glimpse into the artistic annals of our world’s history will also be accompanied by live performances, sake tasting and so much more. Quench your cultural thirst from 6-10 p.m., located at 1625 N Central Ave. More info here.