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The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture seeks knowledgeable, fair-minded and responsible individuals representing different points of view and various cultural orientations to serve as arts grant review panel members. If you are an artist, arts professional, non-profit leader, educator or member of the general public interested in the arts, seriously consider applying to be a grant review panelist.

Arizona Opera.

Arizona Opera.

Serving as a panelist involves reading applications submitted in a category, then meeting anywhere from a half day to a full day with other panel members to discuss and rank each application using established evaluation criteria. Panel meetings are open to the public and usually are held in April or May each year.

Applicant areas of expertise may include dance, literature, music, theatre, education, multicultural/ethnic, business/administrative, festivals/multidisciplinary, visual/photography and marketing/development. Grant applicants include Phoenix cultural groups and local youth and ethnically diverse arts groups. Grants will be awarded to non-profit cultural organizations for general operations, arts learning projects, festivals activities, and partnerships with neighborhood community groups.

For more information and to submit a panelist application form, visit www.phoenix.gov/arts/grants-program/grant-review-panelists or call 602-495-0188.