DPJ’s Urban Form series looks at the interplay between movement and surroundings through the lens of dancers and architecture in downtown Phoenix.


Dancer Jessica Waitz. Photo by Ashley Baker.

“Sunday morning Sun means smiles and wet grass on skin.” – Ashley

Encanto Park is no stranger to the Urban Form gracing its landscape, illustrating the endless possibilities of the body’s relationship with its varied spaces. But sometimes seeing a space in a single photo does not fully capture all the layers of its diverse identity.

Much like downtown Phoenix itself, the park’s 222 acres is a puzzle of unique locations bonded together under a shared name. On the Sunday Jessica and I stepped into the park, there was a non-stressful vibe that helped us both feel free to exist in a place that was easily adapted to and fed by a space that was equally adaptable. To see this photo in comparison to the previous photo of Jessica demonstrates what is so special about this place. Though the photos may be taken in the same park, the energy and space itself is so different.