The selection process for the West Fillmore RFP is again underway. 

West Fillmore

West Fillmore site. Google maps.

After the property’s initial RFP was cancelled, a new RFP was issued. Four proposals were submitted for the new RFP. There were three responsive proposers, Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc., Fifth & Fillmore Development Partners, LLC (Deco Communities), and High Street Fillmore, LLC (Trammell Crow), and one non-responsive proposer, W. Fillmore, LLC (Concord Eastridge).

According to Eric Johnson, Deputy Economic Development Director for the City of Phoenix, the three responsive proposals are currently under panel review and the next step in the process will be interviews. Johnson said they hope to have recommendations from the panel in the next few weeks.

“We look forward to the recommendations and being able to continue the process, then hopefully we will be able to get a successful negotiation ongoing from that part,” said Johnson.

  • Pete

    As I see it, the three responsive proposals being “under panel review” is part of the problem, because the panel will choose one (without public input), all the plans for it will be put in place, and THEN the city will hold an “open house” for “community input”, except all the major decisions have already been made, so, at most, community input might result in a few minor changes, if even that.

    The same old dog & pony show, with city staff left shocked & confused when people hate it and say “this isn’t what we want”, but it’s always “too late” to make major changes at that point in time, so we’ve just got to live with it. Ugh.

    I’d like to see public presentations made for all three proposals, with community input gathered BEFORE the panel chooses the winner, to start things on a more transparent foot. But, hey, that’s just me.