DPJ’s Urban Form series looks at the interplay between movement and surroundings through the lens of dancers and architecture in downtown Phoenix.

Photo by Ashley Baker.

Dancers Jordyn Siegfried and James Flores. Photo by Ashley Baker.

“With the shape of this lift, and the human form of the mural, dancing with James created an almost spiritual experience for me” – Jordyn Siegfried

Many dancers say that the movement they live their life for is like their religion; it’s a way to connect to their body and surroundings. Like the untitled mural collaboration of Bishop Ortega, Larry Valencia, and Anthony Vasquez (located on the east wall of Roosevelt Community Church), dancers Jordyn Siegfried and James Flores, trusting in their partnership, lifted up to the sun on a Sunday morning as church-goers filed into the building to connect with each other and lift their spirits. The vibrant reds that show the depth of the muscles that make up the human body combined with the textures of blue shapes make this mural memorable for anyone passing Roosevelt and 1st Street.