In DPJ’s Street Style PHX series, Kammie Kobyleski hits the streets in search of the looks that define our city style.

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“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.” -Jean Cocteau

Our PHX temps have certainly taken a dip and being a creature of habit, I found myself ducking into LUX (old haunts die hard) to warm up with an early evening cup of tea and to curb my craving for something sweet. After deciding on the strawberry jam shortbread cookie (delish) and an herbal elixir, I turned around to scope out a seat and grinned with delight as my eyes fell upon a different kind of sweet thing. Walking directly towards me was a charmingly sweet looking creature who goes by the name Kallen.


Of course I had to ask her:

What’s your name? Kallen Mikel 

What’s your occupation? Bartender

Where in PHX do you live?: Roosevelt Row

Where are you from originally? Lake Tahoe 

How has living in PHX influenced your style? My style changed completely when I moved to Phoenix (11 years ago) because there isn’t much fashion on the streets of a small mountain town. Also, if you wanted to go shopping, you had to drive all the way to Reno. Here in Phoenix, for most people I know, being fashionable is the norm. As far as climate influencing my style, I’d say it’s made my overall style more summer like. The amazing vintage shopping in Phoenix is inspiring as well.

If you could raid a one style icons closet, who would it be? Why are you drawn to their style?
Francoise Hardy. Her style is sweet and badass at the same time. 

What are your favorite places in PHX to shop? Online? Brands?
Frances boutique, Desert Dust jewelry (Etsy), Grow Op Boutique, Buffalo Exchange (it just wouldn’t be a Street Style piece without a shout out to BE!)

What are you wearing?
I’m wearing a simple navy blue and white dress from Urban Outfitters and a H&M hat. My shoes are by Dansko.

If you’re like me and don’t know who Francoise Hardy is – here’s a sample for your listening and viewing pleasure. Or for those of you who appreciate a more authentic sound experience, break out your turntable – I bet this one’s better on vinyl. After watching this little gem via YouTube, it’s clear to see where Kallen gets some of her “sweet and badass” style influence from. Now I’m ready for another PHX rainy day, where I can sip hot tea on a covered patio, listen to Francoise and journal my day dreams of Paris all day. Thanks for the style tip Kallen, like your style icon, you’re tres chic, yet so very PHX. We love it.

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Photos by Kammie Kobyleski.

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