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Mayor Greg Stanton, Councilman Bill Gates, Street Transportation Department officials and members of the bicycling community today marked the opening of Grid Bike Share. Grid Bike Share opened with 100-plus bicycles and 27 stations and is the state’s first-ever citywide bike share program.

Photograph by Gene Urban

“This is yet another way we’re making the city bicycle-friendly and more attractive for people who want to live, work and conduct business here,” said Stanton. “Recruiters look for cities with multi-modal options, and this program is key to that effort.”

Grid Bike Share will provide Phoenix residents and visitors with a new transportation option that is fun, environmentally friendly and convenient for making short trips around the city. Individuals will be able to access a bicycle by purchasing a membership or a pass.

As the system is rolled out, it will become the largest regional system in the U.S. with smart bicycle technology.

“Our bicycles are designed with integrated wireless communications and mobile sales capability features that gives residents and visitors added reservation and return options,” said Councilwoman Thelda Williams, chairwoman of the City Council Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee. “This already is a great system with the latest technology, and users can look forward to a major expansion in the coming weeks.”

The technology on the system also allows riders to track time of use, mileage, carbon offset and gas savings.

The city will continue expanding the system with the addition of more bicycles and stations and plans to double the number of bicycles by late January, in time for the upcoming Super Bowl activities in downtown Phoenix. Grid Bike Share will also be expanded into Tempe and Mesa to make it a true regional transportation system. A map with current station locations is available here.

Photo courtesy of the City of Phoenix

For more information about Grid Bike Share or to download the mobile application, visit Grid.Bikes.com. For the latest updates on the system, follow GRID on Twitter at @GridBikes or like GRID on Facebook at facebook.com/Gridbikes.