Every entrepreneur has felt the struggle of not knowing what direction to go next in his or her business. Is it time to hire? Should I fire? Should I be charging more? Is this a viable business idea? Am I targeting the right audience with the right messaging? How can I grow more effectively and free up more of my time?

These questions were the impetus for the creation of SuccessLab, a mastermind group in which entrepreneurs collaborate to overcome challenges in their individual businesses, and discover ways to grow, and be more productive and efficient. It’s like a brain trust of sorts for entrepreneurs.

SuccessLab at a recent fundraiser walk for Singleton Moms. From left to right: Mike Zimmerlich, Chris Grabe, Beth Cochran, Michelle DeSpain, Tanya Moushi.

In my search for support and a sounding board, I began working with a business coach. Initially, this proved one of the best investments I had made in my business, but over time I felt the work we were doing had run its course. So I began searching for a mastermind group to join, but just couldn’t seem to find one that fit my needs. There’s a lot that goes into finding the right group. Each is structured slightly different. The consistency, format and energy of the group are three key components. Do you jibe with the other members? Will you be held accountable? Do you leave each meeting feeling more energized than when you entered?

Not having much success finding the right fit, I rallied a group of entrepreneurs to form our own. The response was overwhelming. It turned out numerous other business owners were looking for the same support.

A year ago this month, SuccessLab held its first meeting at CO+HOOTS, the co-working space in downtown Phoenix. That night, having shared our individual business struggles and collectively creating solutions, we all left on such a motivational high, and knew this was the start of something amazing. The accountability along with each SuccessLabr’s genuine desire to offer support, feedback and advice, has been key to our individual successes and growth.

Over the months that followed the group continued to grow. It quickly became apparent that we would need to launch additional groups and put a limit on the number of members in each.

SuccessLab Mastermind in session. Photo by Shaunté Glover, courtesy of SuccessLab.

Expanding the Support

Multiple groups and countless mastermind meetings later, it became very apparent that while the range of businesses in each group was diverse, the challenges were not. We were all battling very common issues around time management, marketing, and managing growth. The question then became, how many other entrepreneurs are struggling with these same challenges?

Enter SuccessLabr.com and “The SuccessLab Podcast.” SuccessLabr.com is an online resource and forum for entrepreneurs to collaborate. The podcast is a weekly show, available on the SuccessLabr.com site and iTunes, that exposes the growth and productivity secrets of top entrepreneurs. Through the site and podcast, SuccessLab is able to reach entrepreneurs at the global level, and share the stories of other successful entrepreneurs and how they handle these common challenges. Accomplished business owners from Phoenix to Chicago, Honolulu to Australia, and L.A. to Syracuse, to name a few, have come on the podcast to share how they’ve achieved success.

To grow SuccessLab as a resource, we’re further developing the online forum for entrepreneurs to collaborate, working on launching more groups in various locations, and bringing together a network of mentors who can work with entrepreneurs one-on-one.

We are all capable of achieving greatness beyond measure – sometimes we just need a little support, motivation and inspiration. That is the goal for SuccessLab, “The SuccessLab Podcast,” and SuccessLabr.com – to create a supportive, safe and honest place for entrepreneurs to share and overcome their struggles to achieve greatness.