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Southern Rail Opens May 30 at The Newton

Uptown Phoenix restaurant highlights diverse flavors from the American South

The wait is finally over. Southern Rail plans to welcome guests with open doors May 30, a year after first announcing the highly-anticipated second restaurant from the people behind Beckett’s Table.

Chef Justin Beckett

“Regardless of how many restaurants I’ve opened, and best laid plans, the process is never what I expect,” admits executive chef and owner Justin Beckett. “After numerous research and development trips, a few exciting design revisions and several iterations of the menu, we are finally ready to share this passion project with our loyal supporters who’ve waited so patiently.”

And for their patience, guests will be rewarded with Chef Justin Beckett’s signature take on dishes inspired by the “lowcountry” cooking of the coastal Carolinas, the famous Cajun and Creole fare of New Orleans, and the slow-smoke barbecue of south Texas.

“Long before the farm-to-table concept emerged, southern cooks took great pride in preparing dishes with a real focus on local produce,” adds Chef Beckett. “At Southern Rail I wanted to pay homage by incorporating Arizona’s unique local produce in creative takes on some of the South’s most iconic dishes.”

Chef Beckett’s interpretations of the diverse flavors of the American South will include:

• House smoked chicken and grilled Andouille sausage gumbo

• Beignets

• Cornbread salad with grilled cauliflower, marinated tomatoes, pickled beets and okra

• House smoked trout with sweet pea cake and spiced tomato jam

• Fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese

A robust American beverage program, overseen by owners and sommeliers Scott and Katie Stephens, and touches of the South’s infamously warm and welcoming brand of hospitality will complement the Southern Rail menu.

“It only takes one visit to the South to be inspired by the cuisine and culture,” notes Katie Stephens.

“We are excited to introduce some southern nuances like the traditional serving of red beans and rice on Mondays to Phoenix,” adds Scott Stephens.

Southern Rail is the sole restaurant located in The Newton, an adaptive revitalization of the iconic Beef Eaters building at 3rd Avenue and Camelback Road. For more information, visit SouthernRailAZ.com.