DPJ’s Bike Chic series is back with a tease of the upcoming launch of the Grid Bike Share. Before these lime bikes (so chic!) hit the streets in April, a few locals have the chance to test them out. 

Name: Dorina Bustamante

Occupation: Director of Membership Development, Downtown Phoenix, Inc.

Her neighborhood: Arcadia, but in addition to working downtown, she serves on the board of directors for the Evans-Churchill Community Association and the Hance Park Conservancy.

What’s your favorite thing about Downtown Phoenix? I love the culture and diversity between the arts and the professional aspect. The juxtaposition of the sports venues, business towers, open spaces and public art.

What are your favorite places downtown? They’re based on neighborhoods. I love Roosevelt Row, all the way from Pita Jungle to Welcome Diner and everything along the way. Hance Park and What Should Go Here Pop-up Park. The restaurants on 1st and 2nd Streets like FilmBar and Angels Trumpet.

What’s would you consider your style? It’s a hybrid between professional and trendy and sometimes chic. My best friend is a fashionista so whatever she tells me. More specifically, it’s blazers mixed with skinny jeans, stilettos and a statement necklace. It has to work to go to board meetings with lawyers and finance people, while also hanging out with arts people and able to wear to evening events.

What are your favorite places to shop for fashion? Mercantile on Roosevelt, GrowOp for really cool vintage, and I’m going to Lawless for my next pair of jeans.

Biking fashion tips? I like to mix it up and sometimes wear skirts or dresses and bike in heels, but I always have backup flats or flip flops with me. It’s all about the step through bike.

Biking Essentials: A basket, bell, lights, my briefcase is always with me with a backup mini purse that can hang from my wrist, and sunglasses!

What she’s wearing: Black patent flats, black skinny jeans, a blouse from Target, and a vintage houndstooth-print jacket purchased in Los Angeles.

How do you think Grid Bikes will change/improve bike culture in downtown Phoenix? It’s for people like me who carpool. It’s a great opportunity to leave the car and not drive from garage to garage and have to remember where you parked. It’s great to have options.