Join City of Phoenix staff for an overview of the infill advisory groups’ progress, tonight, Wednesday, October 9 at the A.E. England Building from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

There are two infill advisory groups – Phase One and Phase Two. The Phase One group is comprised of design professionals, builders and city staff. This group looks at the more technical issues related to the interpretation and application of City Code and Building Code requirements.

Phase One Advisory Group
City Staff

  • Alan Stephenson, Planning & Development
  • Cindy Stotler, Planning & Development
  • Ray Dovalina, Street Transportation
  • Brandy Kelso, Water Services
  • Jack Ballentine, Fire
  • Kate Krietor, Neighborhood Services

Design Professionals & Builders

  • Ben Patton, Tiffany & Bosco
  • Bill Smith, Smithfield Properties LLC
  • Sean Tonge, John F. Long Properties LLLP
  • Dan Klocke, Downtown Phx Partnership
  • Mike Rumpleton, RSP Architects
  • Jeff McBride, Dibble Engineering
  • Eric Zobrist, Ayers, Saint, Gross Architects
  • Leslie Kland, Kland Civil Engineers
  • Jason Morris, Withey Morris

The Phase II group membership includes neighborhood representatives, some design professionals, zoning professionals and city staff. The Phase II group is assigned the issues related to neighborhoods and quality of life.

Phase Two Advisory Group
City Staff

  • Alan Stephenson, Planning & Development
  • Cindy Stotler, Planning & Development
  • Ray Dovalina, Street Transportation
  • Kate Krietor, Neighborhood Services

Residents, Design Professionals & Builders

  • Jennifer Boucek, Historic Preservation/Residents
  • Ken Cheuvront, Small Business
  • Cindy Dach, Downtown Phoenix
  • Steve Dreiseszun, FQ Story/Residents
  • Tim Eigo, Downtown Phoenix
  • Jasper Hawkins, Residents
  • Charley Jones, Pierson Place Historic District
  • Jennifer Longdon, Mayor’s Commission on Disabilities
  • Jim Mapstead, Local First
  • Jason Morris, Whithey Morris PLC

These infill development advisory groups were asked to assist staff in creating a pilot area for removing infill development barriers and incorporating flexibility in standard development requirements.  The group’s goal was to promote growth and development in areas served by light rail and existing public infrastructure.

Over the summer, six public meetings were held and just over 200 citizens participated in conversations about the future of infill development in downtown Phoenix. Wednesday night’s presentation will talk about the progress the groups made based on the public input, and provide insight on the next steps in developing the pilot area.

If You Go

What: Overview of Progress on Infill Development Plans for Downtown Phoenix

When: Wednesday, October 9, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Where: A.E. England Building, 424 N. Central Avenue. (Located between 1st and Central Avenues, just north of Van Buren Street. Transit station at Central Ave and Van Buren St. Parking available at Central Ave & Filmore St.)