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After a recent inspiring trip to Hong Kong, I’ve come to appreciate the finer details of Asian dining. It’s a culture where only the best will do and anything less will simply fade away.

This is especially true of Asian cuisine where it’s customary to enjoy a good meal.  Of course it can’t just be good, it must be great, and now I’m hooked!

Of course upon returning from my trip, nothing seemed quite on the level as it was in Hong Kong. That is, until I found China Chili. I find myself at this authentic Chinese restaurant nearing three times week, always ordering the same dishes.

My all time favorite?  Wonton soup. It’s good dish for our recent rainy days – or any day for that matter. The dumplings are large and enjoyable but the flavor of the broth with a mix of garlic and scallions is the most memorable.

I simply can’t leave out one of my other favorites dishes, cooked to perfection, the Mapo Tofu. It is delicious enough to order every time I go.

The dish consists of silken tofu (the best part) with a spicy based sauce, chicken and broccoli. This dish is best served over rice and a cup of hot tea to wash it down.

Not only are the dishes amazing but the atmosphere is casual and friendly as well. I always leave with that hometown, welcoming feeling, thanks to their friendly staff. If you haven’t visited, head over for lunch and dinner and check it out.


China Chili, 302 E. Flower St. 602-266-4463

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