DPJ’s Bike Chic series by Nathan Simpson. You may see him around town scouting locals who not only ride their bikes but look dapper doing it.

Mikey in front of the mural on 5th Street

Mikey in front of the mural on 5th Street

Name: Mikey Jackson

Occupation: Bartender at The Lost Leaf/Artist

Favorite thing about downtown Phoenix:  Downtown is a village. People look out for each other and they  get jazzed about being involved in the community.

Favorite places: I’m obviously biased, but I love The Lost Leaf. Bikini is also a great Phoenix gem that’s off the beaten path. Food wise, I’ve been spending a lot of time at Welcome Diner and I love Federal Pizza.

Where do you go for grooming? I get my hair done at Palabra. I used to just have what I guess you would call a fro, but they do a really great job. They also show art and I have a solo art show coming up there in May.

Typical bike ensemble: If I’m going to be riding a lot in the day, I’ll throw on my old boots that I know I can thrash. Otherwise I just try to dress for the weather.

Pedal on


Biking essentials:

  • Bike – Custom built Fetish frame
  • No frills – “She’s not a beauty queen. I try to keep my bike simple, easy and practical”



Rocking the ringsWhat he’s wearing:


Bolo style



Anything you want to plug? My solo art show at Polabra in May. I also have a blog for my art at hellomikey.net.