Meet Nathan Simpson, new DPJ contributor, and now designator of all that is Bike Chic. You may see him scouting locals who not only ride their bikes but look dapper doing it.

When I first saw Bike Chic, I spent the next few weekends dressing in my sharpest duds, hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop searching for someone with a camera who would ask me what I was wearing. For a sharp-dressing, car-free, downtown-dwelling Phoenician, it seemed like a pretty cool thing to be a part of.

When asked to take over the feature for DPJ, vanity ensued. I have decided to take this opportunity to feature myself, for introduction purposes only of course.

Who: Nathan Simpson

Age: 30

Occupation: Writer (who makes a living working at the warehouse)

My Neighborhood: Garfield

What do I enjoy about downtown? It’s a strong community where everyone is connected in a small town way with a big city energy.

Where do I like to explore? You will find me cruising downtown coffee shops, especially Lola.

What is my typical biking ensemble? On my work days, I make the 12 mile trek in a ratty t-shirt so I like to get my hipster-chic on on my days off.

What I’m wearing:

•  Cole Haan wingtips
•  Bow tie from Last Chance
•  Owned the vest since junior high knowing they would eventually come back in style
•  Coat from my favorite thrift store Maggie’s Thrift
•  I have prescription glasses for when I need to see good and fake hipster glasses from Urban outfitters for when I need to look good.

My biking essentials:

•  I own four bikes. I chose the old beater Free Spirit for the photos because DJ William F****ing Reed once said to me, while I was on it, “Nice bike, man.”
•  I almost always have a bandana tied to my wrist when riding. It’s good for sopping up sweat, or wiping tears from the face of a damsel in distress, and you never know when you might have to tourniquet someone.

Look for me all over downtown, but be on your fashion A game if you want a shot at Bike Chic glory.

Photography by Tyson Crosbie