Take a peek inside locals’ shopping bags and learn how they use health and beauty products in everyday life.

Names: Bill and Heidi Wood

Ages: 49, 36

Occupations: Consultant and therapist

Their Neighborhood: Mesa

Where spotted: Claudine’s Kitchen booth at the Phoenix Public Market

What they purchased:

• French bread from The Arizona Bread Company

• Kale chips (mixed with a cheese substitute) from The Health Foodie

• Pita bread from Claudine’s Kitchen


Why they chose these products: (Heidi) We’re here for a day trip, so we had to buy things that wouldn’t wilt in the car. We’ve been looking for good pita bread because it’s not easy to find. Also, I’m vegan, so I am really looking for healthier, all-natural foods.

Their must-haves: (Bill) The pita bread was something we had to get because it really is good stuff. It’s soft, fresh, and you can just tell that it’s quality food from a good company. (Heidi) The kale will be used as a salad topper, or I might just eat it out of the container. It’s made with nutritional yeast, which is the vegan substitute for cheese that makes it taste really good on salad.

How they benefit: (Heidi) The kale will be a great healthy snack for just anytime, and because it’s a superfood, it has a ton of health benefits. (Bill) The pita we will eat with hummus for a really healthy meal. Just rip and dip!

Why they fit their style: (Bill, with a laugh) We’re turning into those “crunchy granola people.” This is our first time here, but we’ll definitely be back because we love the foods and supporting the local economy by buying from local businesses. (Heidi) Since I went vegan in January, I’ve been cooking a lot more for myself and eating totally differently. I feel great and I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I need a lot of fresh foods and I’m really limited when I shop in grocery stores. A place like this is actually much cheaper than a Whole Foods, so I’m getting more quality foods for a lower cost.