Bike Chic Special Edition | Bunky Boutique features bicycle-inspired accessories for the dapper downtowner looking to add some hot wheels to their life in ways other than as transportation.

Who: Bunky Boutique

Age: Opened in 2007

Occupation: Providing a fun shopping experience

Where Spotted: 1st Street south of McDowell Road

The Story: Bunky Boutique owner Rachel Malloy is constantly restocking the shop with stylish and unique clothing and a large array of accessories, but did you know she also focuses on the transportation side of fashion? No, that doesn’t mean that the boutique is now carrying bicycles (though that would be quite fantastic), but that does mean bicycle-inspired accessories are in and going fast!


These little and big necklaces are simple and delicate but certainly add a little spice to a simple T-shirt when biking around.

Bicycle | $20

Vintage Bike | $20



If you’re headed out to a wedding or a baby shower, these two cards are great buys and so unique!

Baby Shower | $6

Wedding | $5.25



Of course rings are a great feature to add to any outfit, so why not throw some personality in with those rings by wearing these detailed bicycles.

Each | $13




This handy notebook is great to keep in your bag for those random thoughts in your head, and the cute front cover is sure to start a fun conversation.

Notebook | $10




Perhaps the best accessory, a bike light! These are vital to any chic yet safe bicycle ride and this new style is surely an eye-catcher.

Each | $29