Bike Chic is a DPJ series by Fashion intern, Cortney Kaminski. Each week she will be scouting locals who not only ride their bikes but look dapper doing it.

Who: Sherrie Gallagher

Age: 24

Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

Where Spotted: Taking a shortcut through Artisan Village

What do you enjoy about Downtown? The food, and the cute and little ‘mom and pop’ type restaurants; the ones that aren’t chains.

Where do you like to explore? I love the open view at Giant Coffee and riding over to the library. I love going to the D-backs and Suns games.

Why do you choose to ride your bike around? Because then I don’t have to pay for metered parking and I can get a tan while I am riding!

What is the biggest plus in riding a bike rather than driving? I don’t have to worry about having a few drinks then getting home.

 What she’s wearing:

•   Shirt from an Etsy shop

•  Abercrombie denim shorts

•  Steve Madden black flats

•  Forever 21 over-the-shoulder bag


Her biking essentials:

•  Shared bike with her boyfriend

•  iPhone for GPS

•  Sunglasses

•  Sunscreen and chapstick