A popular health-food company recently arrived in Phoenix to spread some KINDness.

KIND Healthy Snacks started up in 2004, and the company’s marketing team just stepped into the city with a stylish food truck and a whole lot of free samples. Residents and visitors alike are encouraged to stop by the truck and try out some delicious snack bars and the new KIND granola products.

Field marketing manager Marguerite Singson said the goals of KIND go beyond simply selling snack bars.

“We hope for a greater awareness of not just our products, but of health,” Singson said. “We don’t want everyone to necessarily buy a KIND bar—although that would be great—we want to educate them and let them know that healthy snack options are available out there.”

The KIND team also advocates for spreading kindness through both small acts and large. According to Singson, for “KIND Tuesday” on April 3, the company challenged people across the nation to send thank you notes to educators, mentors or teachers. Because enough people completed the mission, KIND will donate new textbooks to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital for patients who cannot attend school due to illnesses.

Singson said the company plans to drop off the new books at the hospital on tomorrow, April 27, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.

“The whole idea behind KIND is that we want to make it meaningful, so we partner with like-minded companies that are in tune with what we focus on, such as health and wellness,” Singson said.

Not only does it spread acts of kindness, but the company also provides the nation with nutritious snacks that are especially desired by the “foodie” crowd.

Rather than a long list of complicated ingredients, KIND snacks contain all-natural, nutritious products that consumers can easily pronounce. Singson said people love the fact the company uses “real food.”

“There are a lot of energy bars or snack bars with tons of added ingredients, and people don’t really know what they’re eating,” Singson added. “Our first ingredients are always fruits and nuts, not some kind of sugar or filler, providing quality products.”

Because numerous Phoenix residents already rave about KIND products, Singson said the food truck decided to tour in the city to introduce some new delicious flavors and products.

“And of course,” she added, “To spread kindness.”

Cindy Gentry, executive director of Community Food Connections, the nonprofit that runs the Phoenix Public Market, said she plans to do more with the KIND marketing team in the future, such as partner up for tasting events and even pair the bars with different types of wine to sample.

“The team is absolutely as fun as could be, and as nice as could be,” Gentry added. “They are high-energy people who give out a healthy product, and it has been great having them.”

The truck already made some appearances throughout the downtown area, and it plans to park its wheels at various upcoming events, including Come Play with Yelp at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix today from 6 to 10 p.m., and Food Truck Fridays at the Phoenix Public Market, 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. tomorrow.