Bike Chic is a new DPJ series by Fashion interns, Cortney Kaminski and Thuy An Bui. Each week they will be scouting locals who not only ride their bikes but look dapper doing it.

Who: Katie Pham

Age: 19

Occupation: Political Science and Global Studies Student

Her Neighborhood: North Phoenix

Where Spotted: Biking around Roosevelt Square in the Historic Roosevelt Neighborhood

What do you enjoy about downtown? I personally like all the boutiques because most of the stuff I wear is vintage.  I shop here constantly to find little gems. I also enjoy drinking coffee and downtown has a number of great cafes. These cafes are just wonderful places just to meet up with friends or study.

Where do you like to explore? Galleries all around. There’s so many of them and every month there’s always a new opening or exhibition. I haven’t been able to see as much as I want to, but once I get the time, I will.

What is your typical biking ensemble? I like to wear anything that suits the weather and it has to especially be comfy. I don’t mind wearing dresses, like today, because the weather is beautiful.

What she’s wearing:

• Her boyfriend’s cardigan
• Vintage plaid dress
• Forever 21 braided belt
• Monk strap oxfords.


Her biking essentials:

• Woven basket
• 1960s Cherry Schwinn Breeze