To celebrate the New Year, DPJ visited one of the historic jewels in the crown of Downtown Phoenix, the historic Orpheum Theatre, which shares a beautiful brick wall, and resonates architecturally, with Phoenix City Hall.

It’s a perfect blending of the old and the new and the living embodiment of how our history informs our future. Serendipitously, the inauguration of Mayor Stanton and new council members was about to be held at the Orpheum.

“It was a very heartening experience to interact with a space filled with so much beauty and history,” said Harshfield. “Its elegant interiors compel you to treat it with the dignity it deserves. We should all be proud that the Orpheum is in Phoenix and everyone should take the opportunity to experience it.”

Join us as we take a quick peek inside this extraordinary multi-use venue in the heart of Phoenix. (Thanks to the Phoenix Opera, Joni Jones, and Gregory Harshfield.)


  • Thank you for this wonderful Video Journal about our beautiful Orpheum Theatre! I enjoyed seeing the brief video of the Stanton Inauguration as well.