From his Downtown desk, DPJ fashion editor Corbin Chamberlin looks beyond the central city and shares his views on people and happenings affecting our Valley’s material world.

Last week, news broke about the Marni for H&M collaboration. In general, I’m thrilled about the collaboration. I am just curious to see how the Arizona market takes to an eclectic brand like Marni.

What Consuelo Castiglioni (founder of Marni) began as a side business to her husband’s fur company in 1994, has since become a brand that is a favorite for fashion editors and unconventional dressers everywhere. Clashing colors, a sense of frivolity and stance on style that screams “grandma-chic,” Marni makes some of the most interesting clothes out there.

Mega-brand H&M has certainly capped the quirkiness of the brand to appeal to a larger audience. From what I’ve seen, the collaboration still is most respectful to the mavens of Marni: not too diluted with commercial insult. Limited images of the collection have been shown, but from what I’ve seen, it’s not bad.

Skirt-suits in a bold dot pattern paired with a tee-shirt, and chunky baubles and summer dresses that are cut to create shape, rather than define the body, are shown in a funky 70’s print. The men’s section of the line is nothing to write home about – a kind of minimalism that’s been overplayed in seasons past – short trouser, light sweaters paired with a sandal. Definitely not moving mountains.

When shown by H&M, Versace and Lanvin flew off the racks in Scottsdale. This came as no surprise, but I’m thrilled to see if Phoenicians go for Marni in the same manner. With no studded neon and a ton of tulle to hide behind, Marni, unlike Versace and Lanvin, is a very acquired taste. I have a feeling the accessories will be the hot-ticket for Arizona ladies. The line is set to be released on March 8, 2012.

Images via H&M.