Hip hop doesn’t make it to Downtown Phoenix much, so when artists do come our way, it’s quite a surprise.

LA rapper Abstract Rude is playing Friday at Hidden House.

Over a decade of making music and Mr. Aaron Pointer still has it.

Need a little reminder of who he is? Just pick up the documentary This is the Life.

Abstract Rude along with Jurassic 5 and other ’90s hip hop artists got their start from playing Thursday nights at the Good Life Café in Los Angeles.

After being discovered in the café, his career took off in the mid ’90s.

In 2009, his last album was released under Atmosphere’s leading man Slug’s record label, Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Rejuvenation has more of a funky undertone with heavy bass beats behind them. It’s definitely one of those albums you throw on in the car and get down while you think no one is looking.

Listen to Nuff Fire to get an idea of what Abstract Rude has to offer.

Show starts at 9 pm. $10.

Hidden House is located at 607 West Osborn Road Phoenix, 85013

  • Will Novak

    I hope people also realize the great Stand Up comedy that goes on at the Hidden House on Wednesday (and Thursday, but especially Wed.) nights. I’ve travelled across the country and can say there’s no free show in the United States that consistently as high quality, varied, interesting and fresh as the shows at the Hidden House. There are clunker performances, but its new acts and old acts often working on new stuff. But all in all its a great room and Central PHX folks should try to support the local comedy scene more….

    …all that being said I don’t know the firs thing about Hip Hop but I hope people go to/enjoy this show if that’s their thing.