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Noah D.
Phoenix, AZ
Five-star rating

The guys at Slippery Pig were able to to find me a great solution to my unique problem, and they were friendly to boot.

I’ve got four kids (7, 5, 3 and 2), and I wanted something that would allow me to tow all of them. I’d been to a few other shops, and they were only able to put together solutions that would allow me to tow three of them.

They recommended a Kona Ute (which they sell for $150 less than MSRP) and they added on a second handlebar under the peddler’s seat. My oldest sits on the rack and holds onto the handlebars, my second sits behind him on the rack and holds onto him like a motorcycle passenger. The two youngest sit in a quick release trailer/jogging stroller.

Not only did they meet my needs, but they were also very cool. Erik (owner) and Aaron (manager) were very accommodating and let me test ride the bike and explained terms I wasn’t familiar with. They showed me how to do maintenance, how to quickly detach and collapse the trailer, etc. They quickly installed slimed tires and the optional third gear quickly and happily.

Definitely recommend them as friendly, knowledgeable and competitively priced.

Slippery Pig Bicycles is located at 4412 N. Central Ave. in Midtown — 602.263.5143

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