On June 10, 2010, the Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places accepted the nominations for 10 Central Phoenix historic districts. The neighborhoods are:

  1. Campus Vista (generally bounded by Osborn and Thomas roads, 7th and 15th avenues);
  2. East Evergreen (generally bounded by McDowell Road, I-10, 3rd and 7th streets);
  3. Encanto Manor (generally bounded by Thomas Road, Windsor Avenue, 7th and 15th avenues);
  4. Encanto Vista (generally bounded by Windsor Avenue, Encanto Boulevard, 7th and 8th avenues);
  5. Garfield (generally bounded by Roosevelt and Van Buren streets, 7th and 16th streets);
  6. Los Olivos (located along Monte Vista Road between 3rd and 7th streets);
  7. North Garfield (generally bounded by I- 10, Roosevelt Street, 7th and 16th streets);
  8. Villa Verde (generally bounded by Monte Vista and Granada roads, 19th and 20th avenues);
  9. Woodlea (generally bounded by Glenrosa Avenue, Mackenzie Drive, 7th and 15th avenues);
  10. Yaple Park (generally bounded by the Grand Canal, Turney Avenue, 3rd and 7th avenues)

    A home in the Los Olivos neighborhood

Each of these neighborhoods had been listed in the Phoenix Historic Property Register but had not been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Copies of the National Register nominations are available on the City of Phoenix website.

The main benefit of the National Register listing is that homeowners can apply for the historic property tax reduction, which can cut property taxes by 35-45%. To qualify for the tax reduction, a property must be owner occupied and contributing to the historic district. However, time is of the essence! To be approved for the next tax year, the deadline for submitting applications and photographs to the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office is June 30. Homeowners can download an application here.