Summer has a nostalgic effect on me. I tend to seek out things I used to do as a kid in the lazy summer days. Baseball games, hot dogs, swimming in the creek — things like that are all that I can seem to think about this time of year. Unfortunately, the desert heat has a way of zapping the energy out of you, so I got creative. My quest brought me up 7th Street to MacAlpine’s Soda Fountain for a good, old fashioned soda fountain experience.

Upon entering, I was instantly transported beyond my own youth to stories that my parents told me of growing up. Patsy Cline softly sings, “How crazy I am for feeling lonely?” and a veritable ’50s landmark bar stretches out before my eyes. I suddenly feel like I should have a slingshot in my back pocket and roll my jeans up to show off my PF Flyers. To my luck, these are apparently not requirements for MacAlpine’s since the waitress slid the menu under my wide-eyed gaze.

Nostalgia kicked in. I was hankerin’ for a fresh, creamy chocolate shake. I honestly started to salivate at the simple thought of a hot dog and a shake. This lovely place even boasts about their shakes being made with scoops of old fashioned Thrifty Ice Cream and blended with an authentic 1940s Hamilton-Beach blender. Sounds like a time portal of a drink to me.

In honor of Marty McFly, I nearly asked if the waitress would slide it down the counter to me, but I chickened out. Even though it was placed in front of me, it was a close as you can get to chocolate perfection. Every sip was creamy and history-evoking. I could picture summers on the tire swing and the little soda shop in my hometown with the locals laughing and the equally well-prepared shakes. Topped carefully with chocolate sprinkles and a maraschino cherry, this shake was off the hook. What is even better is that the glass that they fill with your shake can’t hold all of it, so you are blessed with a frosty glass of amazingness and a cousin steel cup of chocolate shake bliss. It is the ultimate twofer.

If you haven’t ventured to MacAlpine’s, then this is the summer for it. It’s guaranteed to not only be a trip for some good grub and amazing shakes, but it will also be a sweet journey into the past. Driving 88 mph is not required or recommended either.

MacAlpine’s Soda Fountain is located at 2303 N. 7th St. in Coronado — 602.262.5545