There are few experiences more memorable than a good ghost story. Whether you’re around the campfire, in a dark room or driving by yourself at night, the best ghost stories take what little we know about the unknown and make it real

West Coast Ghost and Paranormal Society (WCGAPS) takes ghost stories to the next level. The Arizona-based group travels the nation conducting investigations aimed at scientifically explaining the weird and the not easily knowable. They never charge for investigations.

“The group was started because of Andy’s [Rice, WCGAPS founder and lead investigator] interest in the paranormal, but he couldn’t find anyone using science to explain the unknown. Most of the groups were using psychics,” said Shaun Jacobs, Chief Operations Officer. “I joined because I had some experiences as a child that never made sense to me.”

This Saturday, May 22, WCGAPS will be hosting a ghost hunt at the Orpheum Theatre. One event will be held for kids at 2 p.m., with the adult event (ages 16+) at 8 p.m. Prizes are still available for ticket purchasers through their Event Contest page.

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