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622 E. Adams St. in Copper Square

Photo by Paul Valach

Just across the pathway from Pizzeria Bianco in Heritage Square sits the Teeter House. It has been many things during its storied past, including a single-family residence, events space, live music hub and most recently an English-style tea parlor. Its evolution will continue this summer, as famed Valley chef Nobuo Fukuda opens Nobuo at the Teeter House in the reworked but carefully preserved space.

Built in 1899, the 1.5-story home is a classic Neo-Colonial Revival example, with common brickwork and a stone foundation. The recessed porch, a quality shared with several other buildings in Heritage Square, features Colonial columns, a clear sign of a well-built home from that era. The hip roof, another common trait of the era, includes a boxed cornice and wood shingles.

You may sometimes see the home coined the “Teeter-Bouvier House” in historical documents, referring to the home’s builder, Leon Bouvier. Bouvier purchased the home site in 1898, and built the home a year later to serve as a rental property. A Canadian cattleman and flour mill owner, Bouvier came to Arizona in 1877 to boost business in the expanding Southwest. Ironically, his legacy is left with the Teeter House, which is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Teeter House is easily accessible from the light rail station at 3rd St and Washington/Jefferson.

Source: City of Phoenix Historical/Architectural Survey of City-Owned Properties, Aug. 1986.

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