In anticipation of the m7 Street Fair on Saturday, March 6, DPJ is spending the week getting to know the great businesses, neighborhoods and people that make the Melrose area so intriguing.

Good neighbors to all, especially the m7 Street Fair, the Grandview Neighborhood has been a part of the m7 fair for several years now — back when the fair consisted of a few tables, chairs and a lot of hope. You have done well, m7 Street Fair.

The Grandview Neighborhood Association was formed in November of 1991 and currently represents approximately 1,200 neighbors. Our boundaries are 7th Avenue west to 15th Avenue, and Camelback south to Campbell Avenue bordering the Grand Canal. Our goals are, “To improve quality of life, safety and security, communicate with city, business and institutions in the neighborhood, and preserve the diversity of lifestyles.” Neighborhood associations, unlike homeowner’s associations, do not “hold power” over an individual’s home or how it is used. Associations, such as ours, are positive in every aspect — communication is the name of the game.

The homes in Grandview were built in and around the late 1940s and 1950s. The great majority of Grandview businesses are on two of the four “sides” of the boundaries, those being Camelback and 7th Avenue. The neighborhood is proud of the existing working relationship with the businesses and continues to reach out so that we all mutually benefit from the formed alliances.

Every year in November we hold our major fundraiser for the association, and for many years now, Charlie’s on Camelback, just west of 7th Avenue, has graciously hosting this event. It’s a grand night to imbibe (should you wish), toss in a bid for an auction item or participate in a raffle, with the majority of raffle items either donated from local businesses or handmade items by our own neighbors. The Charlie’s crew of entertainers and bartenders go out of their way to assist us in fundraising and to share the diversity we hold dear to us in our neighborhood.

Twice a year, in spring and fall, we host a block party/neighborhood cookout, where we picnic with hot dogs, chips, drinks and favorite side dishes. Usually, at our fall event, we also raffle off a very nice door prize. We also arrange a fun activity for the children.

Grandview publishes a monthly newsletter, also posted in color on our website,, and most recently we now “stay connected” on Facebook and Twitter.

Our neighborhood holds several general meetings per year, and we are pleased to hold them at one of our great business neighbors, Amerischools, at 1333 W. Camelback. We try to get a speaker for each general meeting. Our board consists of eight members, plus a newsletter editor and a distributor. The board plans activities for presentation to the neighborhood at its general meetings.

Personally, I’ve lived in several different neighborhoods from the Midwest to the Plains states and the great Northwest, but Grandview is the first neighborhood that makes me want to participate, to watch out for my neighbors and enjoy the diversity. If you’re looking for a home, try us out!

Don’t forget: Stop by our booth at the m7 Street Fair and say hi!

Barb Hughett is a Grandview resident.