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1210 N. 5th Ave. in Roosevelt

The view of the Kenilworth School from Hance Park

It’s impossible to miss from several thoroughfares — 3rd, 5th and 7th avenues and I-10, in particular — the massive Neoclassical building teetering on the edge of the former Kenilworth Historic District (now part of the larger Roosevelt Historic District). It is the Kenilworth School, and it has been enriching Downtown elementary students since 1920.

The columned Neoclassical Revival façade of the building is demanding, towering in scope and just plain impressive to see. The front portico features six 35-foot Roman Ionic columns, an entablature with a pediment top proudly proclaiming, KENILWORTH.

Construction of the school began in 1919 using architect Verne Wallingford’s design, heavily influenced by Revival-style lines that were popular in the 1910s and ’20s.

Remarkably, the building is in fantastic condition and still operating as it was in 1920, despite 90 years of children running through its halls. A major renovation occurred in 1981, but perhaps the most remarkable feat is its current location: mere feet away from the walls of I-10. The school was spared from the freeway expansion, which cut through neighboring buildings to the south and through parts of the F.Q. Story neighborhood to the west. The school now has convenient 5th/7th Avenue entrances off the interstate.

One of few A++ schools in the area, Kenilworth has a proud tradition in Roosevelt. Famous alumni include Margaret Hance (namesake to the neighboring park across 5th Avenue) and Barry Goldwater.

Sources: Staging a Comeback — The Arizona Commission on the Arts by Gerald A. Doyle & Associates, P.C.; National Register of Historic Places

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  • Thanks for sharing this info! I attended Kenilworth K-6, 1981-89, and grew up just across Seventh Avenue from the school (my family still lives there). When I was at Kenilworth the mascot was the Cobras, but I think they changed it to be the “Senators” in Goldwater’s honor. In any case, it’s good to hear it’s an A++ school!

    • jessica

      yea we did change it to senators and i never knew we used to be cobras

  • Its a beautiful building, too bad its front side is marred by the hideous Hance Park with its urine soaked dead grass & lack of shade.

  • it is my shool so no bad comments pleaz………………………………

  • Carol Laughlin

    My father attended Kenilworth in 1940 and he recently passed away, among his things was a year book from 1940.. Been trying to find out if anyone is interested in it. Does anyone know if there is interest out there? Thanks..