That’s it. I can physically provide evidence that heaven exists: chicken and waffles accompanied by mason jars full of sweet tea.

Once I set foot inside of Lo-Lo’s, I was instantaneously back in the Deep South. The smell of grease clung to my lungs as I lofted my nose in the air to embrace the deep-fried aroma. I pinched myself repeatedly until it welted to prove to myself that I was experiencing this sweet voyage back to my homeland.

Chicken and waffles, before

Once I was seated, it was hard not to laugh when they actually asked what I wanted to eat and drink. My mind could not wrap itself around the fact that there were other choices. Literally, they could just seat me with an order of said chicken and waffles and it would save time and precious words. The menu does list several items that totally vibe of Grandma’s cuisine — collard greens, fried okra, cheese grits, side of gravy, string beans and red potatoes and, of course, red velvet cake.

First to arrive was my delectable sweet tea. I admit that a tear clung to my eye like Sylvester Stallone clinging to cliffs. It was perfectly mixed for this Southern boy (in other words, it was so sweet that normal people would instantly perish from the amount of sugar injected into their systems). To make it even more endearing, it was served up in a classic mason jar. There is no better way to serve beverages ever. Period.

As if delivered from rays of sunshine floating down onto the table, my chicken and waffles arrived. I would lay out in detail how everything tasted, but the next moments are rather fuzzy in my mind. It is a blur of chicken wings and slathered syrup. I do remember that the waffles tasted like homemade, fluffy amazingness. And, when they were combined with a bite of chicken, I lost consciousness. It could have been the food coma that I was subjecting myself to, or the blatant presence of perfection in each bite. Perhaps both. The world may never know.

Chicken and waffles, post destruction

I do highly recommend that you allow your palate to encounter the majesty that is Lo-Lo’s. My hope for you is that you are swept away into a world where overalls and bare feet are acceptable attire and the perfect cuisine can destroy your New Year’s resolutions. I now must go so I can become mayor of this wonderful land of Southern dreams.

Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles is located at 10 W. Yuma St. in SoDo/Warehouse — 602.340.1304