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Brad E.
Phoenix, AZ
Four-star rating

Am I really the first to review? Well, I feel honoured. The British honoured.

I recently moved to the Downtown Phoenix area and during my search this is the place that really stuck out. Awesome location, new build, younger scene, and decent neighborhood. It is close to a lot of my favorite places. The Roosevelt, Lost Leaf, Sens, Matt’s Big Breakfast. The list can go on and on.

I have been living here for about a month now and don’t have any complaints. I am in a studio apartment on the 3rd floor of the building. I have an awesome view of downtown straight down 3rd and the Westward Ho to the west. Being a new build I am the first to live in my unit, which is very nice. They are a very pet friendly building. Everyone seems to have a dog and they have two doggie clean up stations on the grounds. The pool is nice and open 24 hours. Heated also, but I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet. I have been using the fitness center. It is a little small, but they do have free weights, machines, and 6 cardio machines and a yoga room.

There are spaces on the ground floor for live/work tenants. I believe only 3 or four of these are currently filled and hope some other businesses will move in there. Arizona Center is also directly across the street. I have already walked to dinner and the movies.

If you are moving to downtown please give this place a look. They offer move in specials and discounts on rent when new residents are recommended by current ones. *coughcough*

Alta Phoenix Lofts is located at 600 N. 4th St — light rail station at Central/1st Ave and Van Buren. 877.667.4449

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  • Jay Moh

    First off, I detest anything to do with Yelp. They spam, and used a number of very sleazy marketing tactics to get their name out there from startup. As a result, I pretty much boycott anything about it.

    Anyway, I know a lot about Alta Lofts and thought I would share. I don’t live there and probably never will, but I checked the place out and watched it’s entire construction and see it daily.

    Here some positive and negatives;

    +Good location. Highly walkable area. Definitely their top selling feature. There is even that new downtown grocery store in walking distance now (as opposed to going to the Safeway).

    +Pretty good quality interiors, appliances, fixtures, build-out.

    -ASU college brats swarming all over it (could be a positive if you are one of those college brats). You might think that Camden would be a the college camp of choice, but it’s not for some reason.

    -Somehow, miraculously, all of their units gained 10-20% more square footage on their listings from what they had listed when they first opened. I have a copy of their old listings. This is highly suspicious. Get out your measuring tape.

    -Fees fees fees. You need to have them do the math on what the unit will cost you, and then what it will ACTUALLY cost you each month. They have fine-print-fees for everything, which are mandatory.

    +Parking is apparently pretty decent. This can be a problem downtown.

    -High prices. I can say this because of all of the condo units going for rent in the area. Alta has lowered their prices, multiple times, and offers some incentives, but you should really shop around. You may be able to rent a condo in Artisan Village for nearly the same cost as you would pay in Alta, depending on the unit size you are looking at.

    Not a bad place. I’d recommend you checking it out if interested. Heed my advice from above though, and I’d recommend you walk through the parking garage and around the building at least once.

    I’ve “heard” about issues with dog poop in strange places, but I don’t know about this first hand, just second-hand rumor.