CenPhoCamp’s inaugural run showcased some great discussion and important opinions about Phoenix, media, communication, the Web and so much more. DPJ is encouraging those that attended to tweet their thoughts on the event (respond to @dtphxjournal or use #cenphocamp). We’ll post the responses here, in hopes that the discussions continue and connections are furthered.

@andrewkfromaz: it was a good resource for businesses to learn about social media and how to access their customers who use it.

@Chris_Coffel: best part about #cenphocamp was everyone drunk after at the Turf! Well except for me, I had my Sprite.

@kbump: That was some good networking y’all!

@SusanBaier: Nice to see so many folks from outside central Phoenix come to help, support, guide, build community at #CenPhoCamp.


@MoLo_: It was nice hearing local business owners give their opinions on what is important to them and how they are using “new media”.

@ModernRoots: Mixing social media with downtown Phx culture was a great idea. We loved the un-conference concept. Lack of corp BS appeal.

@KnitFrogger: Panel discussions needed more intro, and to stay on topic, though I got good struff from biz strategy at day’s end.

@cartelcoffeelab: [Great things:] Drinking copious amount of toddy, mingling w/ others, & the format of the un-conference which fostered great discussions.

@conrey: #cenphocamp was well organized, run, and had more than the usual twitter crowd show up – all successes in my eyes

@MissAnnieJ: I really enjoyed #cenphocamp – Helped me rethink how I use social media.

@FamilyPlanning: It was a great experience, as one of the few Non profits in attendance, it opened up the doors of possibility

@TheBrettWalker: #cenphocamp was really cool. I learned alot about how local businesses are adapting to social media to reach more people!

@matthewpetro: It was great to have a diverse collection of CenPho and non-CenPho residents get together and communicate at #cenphocamp.

@wconeybeer: @coneybeer convinced me to go to #cenphocamp, and I’m happy he did. Met some great new people and got some good biz insight!

@JoeManna: Great mixture of social media and non-social-media types. Enjoyed the small business owners’ input.

@srumery: #CenPhoCamp was a well organized event bringing together local business owners with technology innovators. A perfect match.