Let’s face it: A First Friday on New Year’s Day is kind of a bummer. We’ll all be… ahem… exhausted from the previous night’s festivities, and it’s not always easy battling crowds two nights in a row. For those of us that just want to chill on New Year’s Day, which is also First Friday, SuTRA Midtown Yoga has come to the rescue with its New Years After Party from 6-10 p.m.

We’ll be up late the night before. The champagne will more than likely make an appearance. We’re going to be sleeping in Friday. SuTRA is giving us the sweet option of a nice, chill evening to recuperate. Sure, there will be art (it is First Friday, after all): Phoenix artist J.W. Miller‘s sweeping, urban paintings will be hanging on the wall in the new gallery (the former lobby) of the newly expanded space. And, there will be live music, too: DPJ’s own Sips and Grub blogger Kenny Bump will be performing in the new living room/juice bar area, doing his best James Taylor impression, hitting all the high notes and pleasantly strumming his acoustic, along with Phoenix singer/guitarist Adrienne Arms.

The most relaxing element? SuTRA will be brewing up “hair of the dog” punch to take the sting off, as well as squeezing tasty “hangover cure” raw juices to soothe the body. As if that wouldn’t have you feeling like a million bucks again, there will be free chair massages (if you can sneak a seat) and a raffle to win a free 60-minute massage. Ahh, nice.

SuTRA Midtown Yoga is located at 2317 N. 7th St. in Coronado — 602.253.9525