Phoenix band Miniature Tigers are bidding the desert adieu.

Miniature Tigers, long a fixture in the Downtown Phoenix music scene, are packin’ up and heading to Brooklyn, and they’re kissing us goodbye with one final show at the Trunk Space on Tuesday, December 29.

In case you don’t know, the Mini Ts are one of those super buzz bands with killer witty lyrics and catchy pop jingles, lauded by authorities like SPIN, Rolling Stone, Death+Taxes and CMJ. We knew they’d grow beyond the tiny confines of our tight-knit music scene. They’re simply too big and too killer for us now.

The band is the premier piece of once-Phoenix-based (still kinda-Phoenix-based) label Modern Art Records, which quietly occupied a Downtown area bungalow for a while before (also) heading to the hipster mecca that is Brooklyn. Having spent most of 2008 and 2009 on the road, the band’s following has ballooned. Brooklyn, treat ’em nice.

The show at the Trunk Space is sorta last minute, and that’s probably good, because any more time to build up the buzz and the place would certainly break any fire code the city could impose. It’s also good because the Trunk Space just got done holding a benefit concert this past weekend, and we don’t need to lose Grand’s best venue. Go to the show, and bring enough cash for a Trunk Space t-shirt. And maybe a Mini Ts one, too.

The Trunk Space is located at 1506 NW Grand Ave. Call for times and price — 602.256.6006.